🎨Visson & Misson (Platform)

Building a dedicated gaming ecosystem called Zap Network

Zap Network is an EVM Blockchain specially designed for gaming. It is a platform that supports developers in building GameFi projects with high scalability and player-owned economies.


  • Fast transaction processing speed and low transaction fees.

  • Zap Bridge allows users to freely transfer tokens (ERC20, NFT) between Zap Network and Ethereum.

Game developers can upload their games to the Zap Hub platform, allowing users to easily search and discover game content on Zap Network.

Zap Network Ecosystem:

  1. Zap DEX: With basic functions like swapping, adding liquidity, and farming, users can use it to swap, and farm tokens related to Zap Network, Zap Clash, etc.

  2. Zap Wallet: The wallet is an indispensable component for interacting with any blockchain. Its simple design allows users to manage tokens and various types of NFTs.

  3. Zap GameFi: Continue investing in and expanding the game ecosystem by collaborating with new partners to develop products tailored specifically for the ecosystem.

  4. Zap Marketplace: Where NFTs can be stored, displayed, and traded on Zap Network. Additionally, you can also mint NFTs (create NFTs) on the marketplace.

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