🏆Leaderboard Staking (Presale)

Zap Clash project is releasing 5000 NFT boxes, including 100 special premium boxes dedicated to the community. Premium boxes have a 20x higher chance of unveiling a rarity card than normal boxes.

Rewards for the staking presale period are distributed as follows:

  • Top 1: 5 premium boxes

  • Top 2: 3 premium boxes

  • Top 3: 2 premium boxes

  • Top 4 to 10: 1 premium box

The timeframe is from the start of the presale until 14 days after listing on DEX. Rewards will be distributed over 3 days starting from the minting of the premium NFT boxes.

Finally, the special feature of Zap Clash is the 'Zap' mechanism. When two players face each other, the winner will receive a trophy and conversely, the loser will lose a trophy. At any point in the match, both players can Zap to double their bet.

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