Zap Clash project is releasing 5000 NFT boxes, including 100 special premium boxes dedicated to the community. Premium boxes have a 20x higher chance of unveiling a rarity card than normal boxes. Each box will open a random warrior.

NFT Warrior

Each warrior has different strengths depending on the rarity and stats on that warrior's card.

Warrior rarity

  1. Common: The Common cards are the most basic type in Zap Clash, appearing frequently with average power.

  2. Rare: Less popular than Common cards, Rare cards hold higher power and can significantly enhance battle strategies.

  3. Epic: With superior power compared to Rare cards, Epic cards are one of the rarest and most valuable cards in Zap Clash, offering decisive advantages in battles.

  4. Legendary: Legendary cards are extremely rare and powerful, often regarded as symbols of strength and prestige in the game. Owning a Legendary card can be a determining factor between victory and defeat.

  5. Mythical: Mythical cards are the rarest and most powerful type in Zap Clash, typically owned by only a select few fortunate players. The sheer power of Mythical cards can alter the course of the game and create unique and unforgettable experiences.

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