Unstaking is the action of withdrawing your staked ZC tokens from the treasury. By doing so, you'll receive the amount of ZC you choose to unstake, which will be sent to your Metamask Wallet.

To unstake, click on the 'Unstake' button within the 'My ZC Staking' section.

The 'Unstake' pop-up will appear. Next, enter the amount you wish to unstake in the 'amount' field. You can click 'Max' to unstake all your tokens or use the up/down arrow to adjust the amount incrementally by one.

When you're ready, click 'Unstake'. You can expect the MetaMask wallet pop-up to show, then click 'confirm'.

While waiting, you can check on the transaction status by checking the activities tab on your Metamask Wallet, or look up the transaction on Ether Explorer.

Once the unstaked amount is reflected on your MetaMask Wallet, you're done!

Note: The 'Unstake' feature will only be activated when the $ZC token is listed on a DEX platform.

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