Welcome to Zap Clash


Zap Clash is a revolutionary gamefi project, seamlessly merging the excitement of card-based gameplay with the power of the Ethereum blockchain. With over 100 unique cards and 30 strategic bases, players strategically deploy 12 cards across three randomly assigned locations, engaging in intense battles. Thanks to the groundbreaking 'Zap' feature, players can dynamically double their cup points, adding an extra layer of strategic depth.

In Zap Clash, the intersection of blockchain and gaming creates an immersive and cutting-edge experience, promising a new era of excitement for players seeking innovation in the world of gamefi.

In Zap Clash, the community owns the game. We believe in putting the power in the hands of our players. From early development to ongoing gameplay, we prioritize community involvement, making Zap Clash a truly community-owned gamefi platform. Join us in redefining the gaming experience, where the community's influence is paramount.

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